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Level gauges and fuel measureament solutions

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ALISONIC has developed a complete tank management system for fuel distribution service stations. This system is based on magnetostrictive level gauge technology, the only one able to provide an accuracy in the range of 0,01 mm.

Furthermore, this technology supports remote diagnostic and assistance, so as to avoid the high costs concerning on-site assistance. The most recent wireless technology determines excavation and cabling costs saving, reducing time for installation and, in wider terms, it overcomes the consequences due to critical power supply and possible interferences. At the same time it ensures reliable data transmission.

Alisonic developed its own technology based on low frequency, ensuring efficient transmission even in critical conditions such as metallic lid cover. Concrete sump and heavy traffic on station forecourt.

About Us

State of the Art Magnetostictive ATG Technology

ALISONIC is a new Company, established in 2017. The Company's headquarters are in Meda, a cardinal position for its business and very close to Milan. In wider terms, ALISONIC is a research and developement Company focused on Automatic Tank Gauging Systems (ATG) for fuel and other liquids.

The Company gained a very specific and important experience in wet stock fuel management, such as fuel depots, service stations and on-road tanks. ALISONIC designs its products referring to the highest standards of excellence, ensuring remarkable reliability and smart functionality.

ALISONIC's core business consists in monitoring the level of tanks, arranged in petrol stations, fuel depots and on-road tanks, suitable for fuel delivery.